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May. 17th, 2010

Oh! I still have one of these!

 Surprise, surprise. Looks like I'm in the rambling mood. Aren't you lucky?

Yes. Yes you are. 

So, here it is: the final stretch of school. The last leg of my senior year, just a teensy tiny bit more to suffer through, and I'm OUT! Everything is easy, no homework, no classwork, just lazing around and waiting for graduation. OH WAIT JUST KIDDING. I've got a test every day this week, more homework than I've had in a long time and I've gotta try and keep on top of all of it if I want to make it out alive. Bah, fie on't. 

It doesn't help that people still suck. I mean, you'd think I would be used to it by now, but sometimes it still bothers me, still grates away at me. I'll take that as a sign that I haven't given up yet, ya know? Still stubbornly holding on to the idea that things can change-- that I can change them. 

Listen to the music by The Doobie Brothers just came on. Good song.

But honestly... me being aware of the fact that people suck isn't much help to me. I'm pretty quiet to begin with (although sometimes you can't get me to shut the fuck up), and when I'm in a group of people, nodding, offering token answers while mentally rolling my eyes and groaning at them... well, I only get more reserved. 

Though, I'm still pretty reserved, even surrounded by people I like, and it gets misinterpreted. People think I'm bored, people think I don't care, people probably even think I'm a snob... but the fact is that I just like to sit and watch and take things in. I can be drifting around a group, listening to various conversations, contributing very little myself, and have a great time. I'm not nearly as melancholy as I get mistaken for. 

What are you doing here, reading this? Killing time? Interested in learning about me? Just creepin'? Nah, it's all cool bro. Just a little bit surprising is all. 

11:14. make that 11:15. I missed the wish-making time.

Hm. You kn-- ah fuck. I had something I was going to say, but when I stopped to comment about the wish thing, I forgot it. It was pretty non sequitur, so I can't just follow my thought trail from before and find it. 

You know that whole Facebook (Rock 'N' Me by Steve Miller Band just came on. Good song.) thing? Man does that dig at me sometimes. It's really useful, it stretches out across the internet now-- compatible with TONS of sites, which makes it a great hub to focus on whenever you're online. But it's got people on it. Which means there's a whole lotta stupid floating around.

Like those fan pages, for example. "random statement... LOL JK something that contradicts previous statement." Oh, hey, that's cool. You're hip and ironic. And then there's the stupid-question-that-looks-funny-but-nobody-thinks-about pages. For example, "I get an A on a test and my grade goes up by 1%, I get an F and my grade goes down 43% WTF?!" I consider joining them just to point out how stupid everyone who "Liked" that page is. (Your grade is based on an average. If you have an A, that's because you have a lot of grades close to an A. If you add another one, it isn't going to change much. But if you add another number that's very far from an A, it's going to change a lot. Example: I've got 5, 5, 5, 5, and 5. You take the average of those numbers, and it's 5. If you add 4.9 to it, take the average, it's probably going to be like 4.99 or something. Still really close to 5. But if you add 1 to it and take the average, it's going  to go down to 4.3. It's fucking fourth grade math. No wonder you're getting Fs.) But if I wasted my time posting that, it'd probably get ignored... or worse, someone would try to convince me I'm wrong.

I hate when stupid people try to tell me I'm wrong. It just reminds me how fucked we all are. Like the guy who tried to tell me the US wasn't a republic. He ended up coming to the conclusion that I'm a crazy radical who doesn't know anything. He actually took on a condescending tone. Fuuuuuck that. 

Speaking of which, I swear like a sailor. Like, way way more than I probably should. But honestly, I don't care. Swearing for the sake of swearing is one thing. But if you're using it to convey a certain tone, to express heights of emotion that you can only really get with a swear word... well, I think you're just using language as effectively as you can. So people get offended. People get offended about a lot of things, and for the record, people just aren't that smart. 

Just sayin'
~The Professor. 

Apr. 11th, 2010

It's been a while...

 I've utterly ignored this site for a while now. Like, a really long while. 


I just haven't really been spurred to write anything... kinda coasting along, letting things roll however they wanted to. Not that I've stopped doing that. No sir (or ma'am), still taking everything as it comes... it's just that Livejournal decided to come. So here I am.

Spring break finally drawing to a close. Average, as far as spring breaks go. I mean, I didn't go anywhere fancy, just stayed home... but the weather was acceptable (when it wasn't raining, that is). It was warmer here than it has been some times when I go off on vacation. Had a poker night, did some walking around, rested up a lot, chilled with friends... and started off and ended the break with bonfire nights. 

I don't really know what else to say, to be totally honest. A very boring, very short entry. School year drawing to a close, though... I'm liking that for sure. 

To infinity, and beyond!
~The Professor.

Feb. 19th, 2010

The Professor Professes...

"It is not the jurisdiction of government to regulate the morality of its people insofar as it does not impinge on the rights of others. Though this is an easy vice to succumb to, it is rather the jurisdiction of its people to settle for themselves by discussion and by enlightenment, never force or coercion. In this way does a nation most effectively evade the lash of bitter oppression and human indignity."

Does your mind ever insist thoughts upon you? And in the process of that insistence, develop and refine what started as a notion into a cutting observation? Mine does. I don't ask it to. That's how all my writing gets done. I set the table and wait for the beast to come and dine. 

Feb. 7th, 2010

The crack of noon...

 Didn't sleep till 5 am last night. It's a weekend, and night is the best time of day in my opinion. So quiet, a little time to myself (finally!). What's really best though is night in the summer time. Sitting in front of the TV or something and get a text from my friend "Hey, I'm outside your house. Let's go for a walk." and so we do. Grab a couple other people and roam the night, nobody else around. My absolute favorite one of those times was a night where it got extremely, extremely foggy out of nowhere; couldn't see ten feet in front of your face. Got a good group of five people, walked up to the nearest 7/11 to grab a bite to eat, and then sat on an empty playground shouting into the darkness and listening to the crazy echoes.

But it's winter, and I prize my extremities too much to subject them to such torture at this time of year. So I'm stuck inside for the most part, especially since the only snow on the ground right now is in a few sodden heaps here and there (so weird for this time of year!) and no use to anyone. Get a job you lazy bastard. 

It's Sunday, too. Sundays always suck, as a general rule. I've got nothing against the day itself, but it's just the fact that it has to come just before Monday that ruins it. Spend all day thinking about going back to school, back to work, whatever. Even better, there's usually a pile of homework to trudge through as well. Then there's the whole thing where Sunday tends to be the family day. If there's going to be a family get together, Sunday is when it happens and call me a bad person if you must, but those are always such a chore.

Now, not only is it Sunday, it's Superbowl Sunday. Everybody else (read: people who care at all about football, I don't) has a party or a get together, or somewhere to be. My teachers, sweethearts that they are, all assigned something tonight, justifying it with "Well this will be the only homework you get this weekend, nobody else is going to make you work around the Superbowl." Ironic enough to almost make it worth it. 

In other news, I'm currently lurking a bit on Facebook, and considering dropping in on Warhammer Online for a while (not a bad game at all, though the free version only goes to level 10). Maybe I'll grab something to eat, too. It's almost 1:30; I've been up an hour and I haven't eaten yet.

P.S. I wonder when my Xbox is coming home. The thing got the red ring of death a week ago and we sent it in for repairs... I miss it like hell every time I have a few hours to kill.

Feb. 6th, 2010


 So... this is Livejournal. I don't think I'll last long. I mean, I feel like assuming that other people want to read every word you have to say is just a little narcissistic, you know? Who the hell am I that anyone should care? and it isn't like I have a group of friends already on here either. Odds are nobody's gonna read this, but whatever. It's Saturday night and I've got nothing better on my plate. So here goes nothing.

I like the whole forest theme I've got going. I styled my entire computer interface similarly, because fuck it, you know? The woods are a great place to be. 

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